Black Twitter Blasts Wendy Williams for Being Anti-Jesse Williams, Anti-HBCUs, and Anti-NAACP

Wendy Williams TWITTER
Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams went fully “Wendy” during her Wednesday show. And this time she may have stepped on the wrong toes.

Today Williams learned that you don’t dare say anything bad about Jesse Williams, HBCUs or the NAACP. I mean, seriously? How could you say something negative about Williams or an HBCU? Now, the NAACP … well … that’s a little bit touchy for some folks.

Apparently Williams is cut from the same cheap cloth Stacey Dash is cut from. Just like Dash, Williams wants to know why there aren’t any HWCUs—or the NAAWP.

*Face slap*

Did Williams even graduate from college? Because if she had, you’d think she’d know the answers to these questions by now.

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Source: The Root |  YESHA CALLAHAN