Black Tennessee Woman Found Dead at Home on her Birthday


When the family of Aisha Bearden didn’t hear from her over a couple of days, they decided to go looking for her. After reaching her home they didn’t expect what they found. The young Chattanooga, Tenn. woman, who would have turned 23 on the 4th of July — was found dead.

According to Chattanooga police, Bearden’s family members called 911 after they found her body in her apartment. They told officers they went looking for her after they hadn’t heard from her in a couple of days.

Bearden’s cousin, Coco, sounds understandably overwhelmed.

“My whole family out here,” she told the media as she and her family joined a large crowd of people who had gathered in front of Aisha’s apartment to support each other.

“On the Fourth of July we’ve got to celebrate a death instead of her birthday. It ain’t right, that ain’t right. I can’t say nothing else.”

Source: EURWeb