Mideast Christians Fear New ISIS Strategy

Video screen shot of kidnapped Christians before their deaths.
Video screen shot of kidnapped Christians before their deaths.

A religious-based human rights group says Christians living outside Iraq and Syria are concerned that the violence perpetrated by ISIS could spread.

Those concerns were elevated June 27 as four suicide bombers blew themselves up in a Christian village in Lebanon along the Syrian-Lebanese border. At least five people were said to be killed with more than a dozen injured in an attack likely caused by ISIS terrorists.

Will Stark of International Christian Concern says ISIS appears to be changing tactics in the Middle East after recently losing control of Fallujah.

The fear, he says, is that ISIS is spreading out in the region to become more a terrorist network rather than a military-like operation.

“That Christian communities that have been around for thousands of years – for example, Lebanon – are going to now become targets of terrorist attacks like bombings,” he predicts.

ISIS has established a menacing presence in the Middle East after only two years and more must be done to stop it, Stark says.

SOURCE: OneNewsNow.com
Bill Bumpas