WATCH: On the Brody File, Paula White Says Donald Trump “Knows God”


Televangelist Paula White sat down recently with The Brody File and tells us that Donald Trump’s presidential run has the hand of God on it. Pastor White has been a close friend and spiritual mentor to Trump for close to fifteen years and there are fresh reports that she actually led him to a relationship with Jesus. This interview was done before those reports but Paula White really opens up about the fact that Trump “knows God” and enjoys watching Christian television.

Paula White doesn’t have an interest in politics. Her passion is the gospel and Jesus. She believes her mission is to show the face of Jesus to Trump and everyone she comes in contact with. And let me just say, after spending some time with her, you can see why Trump trusts her. She’s spirit-filled and authentic as they come. She just wants to love on people and clearly God has her positioned perfectly.

This interview was done Monday June 20th in New York City. A partial transcription  is provided but you really have to watch the entire clip.

Paula White: David, quite honestly, he doesn’t know our Christianese and perhaps our language that we know in the Christian world…The way he discovered Paula White was watching Christian television and Mr. Trump has always been a huge fan. He’d always watch Christian television. He loves Southern Gospel. One of his favorites is the Gaithers. For a birthday or an anniversary or something, I’d send him up Bill Gaither’s tapes, or books or sermons by this person.  Because he absolutely enjoys hearing the word.”

Paula White: “There’s no way in the natural, if we were to use this terminology, that you could take a man against seventeen other candidates that if we look back at the beginning of this, very qualified candidates, and then here he is, the nominee. For me, that has to be providence. That has to be the hand of God, in my opinion.”

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David Brody