Pastor Kenneth Adkins, Who Opposed Jacksonville, FL, Transgender Bathroom Bill, Says He Has Been ‘Unmercifully Punished and Demonized’ by Homosexual Activists


An African-American pastor who stood up for bathroom privacy says he has been attacked personally and professionally by gay activists determined to crush his business and turn his life into “chaos.”

Bishop Kenneth Adkins, overseer at Greater Dimensions Christian Fellowship in Brunswick, Georgia, publicly opposed a Jacksonville city ordinance that would allow biological men to use women’s bathrooms. At one point, he posted a picture of himself with a wig on Facebook and threatened to demonstrate against the transgender ordinance in drag.

He said the citizens of Jacksonville should vote on whether to expand the city’s Human Rights Ordinance rather than leaving the decision with city council members.

At the third and final public hearing on the city ordinance in December, Adkins received applause when he said, “We live in a time that Christians need a law passed to protect them. It’s crazy because we can no longer say what we believe.”

The Jacksonville City Council voted on the transgender ordinance, which lost by one vote.

Since then, Adkins says gay activists have targeted him and his business.

“I succeeded in derailing a local city council ordinance in Jacksonville, Florida, and since then I have been unmercifully punished and demonized by radical gay activists and their liberal allies,” Adkins told LifeSiteNews.

“In fighting the Jacksonville ordinance, I was simply following a guiding principle of the Bible. Activists chose to ignore my religiously inspired motivations and decided to make an example out of my principled opposition and the leadership I provided in order to structure a winning coalition.”

“They seek to intimidate anyone who opposes their agenda.”

Adkins, a public relations expert, runs Issachar Media Group, which does campaign marketing, political consulting, publicity, webpage design, graphic design, and Facebook design. His clients include State Rep. Alex Atwood, Brunswick Mayor Pro-Tem James Brooks, city councilmen, school board members, county commissioners, attorneys, judges, community centers, the city of Brunswick, churches, and fellow clergy.

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SOURCE: Mark Hodges