John Piper: Patriotism Is a ‘Good Thing’ but ‘God Is Our King, Not Man’

John Piper
John Piper

Patriotism can be “a good thing,” but it has to come with the recognition that “God is our King, not man,” says theologian John Piper.

Piper, who serves as a pastor, theologian, and founder of, discussed the question of patriotism in a podcast interview published to the website on Friday.

On the week before Americans celebrate Independence Day, Piper said patriotism can be “a good thing” and cited as biblical justification Paul’s Epistle to the Romans.

“Romans 13:1, in calling us to be subject to the powers that wield the sword, implies that in some sense a country identity or a nation state identity has the right to use that sword to defend itself against aggression and, thus, in some sense preserve its right to exist and exist as it exists,” said Piper.

“Whatever form your patriotism takes, let it be a deep sense that we are more closely bound to brothers and sisters in Christ in other countries, other cultures than we are to our closest unbelieving compatriot or family member in the fatherland or in the neighborhood.”

Piper further emphasized that “God is our King, not man,” which means that ultimately God “is our final allegiance, but under that banner it is right to be thankful that God gave us our land freely.”

“I am thinking now particularly of America. He gave this to us freely. I didn’t deserve to be born here. It wasn’t my choice. We don’t deserve this place any more than I deserve any other common grace or special grace,” continued Piper.

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