Christian Woman Gang-raped by Muslim Men in Front of Her 5 Children in Pakistan ‘Honor’ Attack

Four Muslim men in Pakistan gang-raped a Christian woman in front of her five children to allegedly avenge a Muslim family’s “honor,” according to the Voice Society’s coordinator and Christian lawyer Aneeqa M. Anthony.

On June 25, four Muslim men went to Samrah Badal’s home to inquire about a young Muslim named Sehar Wasif who eloped with the Christian woman’s sister Inayat Masih. Wasif’s brother, who was one of the men sent by the Muslim family, asked Badal for news but she did not answer the men, prompting them to beat her, Agenzia Fides details.

Aside from that, the Muslim men also stripped her naked and dragged her in the street. They raped her while her five children looked on.

The Voice Society, a nongovernmental organization, filed a complaint with the police on behalf of Badal. Atty. Anthony has called on Christian politicians including Minister Kamran Michael to intervene and help the victim, as they are going against a very influential Muslim family in Lahore.

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SOURCE: Christian Daily, Lorraine Caballero

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