Kevin Durant’s Meeting with Warriors Went ‘Very Well’

© Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Kevin Durant's visit with the Warriors went well, per reports.
© Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Kevin Durant’s visit with the Warriors went well, per reports.

Amidst the craze of all the money being thrown around Friday in the NBA, there’s a little bit of suspense.

Kevin Durant’s meeting with the Warriors went “very well.”

Durant is listening to other teams to increase his leverage in free agency, but one of Durant’s friends told Marc Spears of ESPN that the likelihood is “90 percent” that Durant will re-sign with the Thunder.

According to NBC Sports, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Warriors coach Steve Kerr took part in the meeting with Durant at the Hamptons on Long Island.

Perhaps “very well” means they had an epic pickup game. It’s hard not to have a nice time in the Hamptons no matter what you’re doing.

Still, just the fact that Durant and the Warriors talked creates a little bit of intrigue.

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Source: The Sports Daily | Mike Batista