Idris Elba Gets Into a Scary Crash on Set


Idris Elba sure loves a thrill ride.

The British car enthusiast kicks off his new car-themed Discovery Channel series, Idris Elba: No Limits, next week and ET has the exclusive first look at the series premiere.

Elba, 43, is feeling the pressure as he jumps into the driver’s seat to compete against the pros in the Circuit of Ireland rally, one of the oldest rallies in the world.

Filmed in 2015, the Luther star says he’s “been training for months for this moment and the opportunity for glory is now greater than ever.” Talk about added stress!

“My ambition is to smoke everyone,” Elba proclaims, though he admits he may be in over his head on this one. “I’ve never done it before. Ultimately, all I want to do is just finish.”

While his goal may seem feasible, once the rally begins, it’s game on — and you see just how difficult (and dangerous) rally racing is.

Things seem to be going well as Elba expertly navigates the twists and turns of the road, until he suddenly overshoots a turn and crashes into the side of the road in dramatic — and frankly, scary — fashion. To see the jarring moment, watch the video above.

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Source: ETOnline | Philiana Ng