Pastor Saeed Abedini Says Women Do Not Have Authority Over Men

Saeed Abedini says men are the heads of their families. (Facebook)
Saeed Abedini says men are the heads of their families. (Facebook)

Pastor Saeed Abedini says men are the final authority over women, no if, ands or buts about it. 

“Headship is the person who gets the last word and makes the final decision. The Bible says men should be the head of the family, church and our country because it does not allow women to have authority over men,” Abedini posted to Facebook.

“This is not my call and I did not write above scripture verse. God knows that every area of life needs leaders. In business, in the church and in the home and country. Someone has to make final decisions so there is not confusion and chaos.

Further, he wrote:

WOMEN ARE GREAT LEADERS too, which is why, because of equality of men and women, women can be amazing partners, counselors and leaders, coming along side the headship of the family, church and country .
BUT We always need one person to make the final decision after hearing and seeing all other comments that are provided by other leaders in family, church and country.
If we don’t follow this Biblical model and structure, we will see chaos .
That doesn’t mean that women are the property of men. Women are to be completely respected by the men in their life.
Women and men were created for each other and are completely equal but their calling to do their duty is different just as it is in the Trinity.
In Trinity God Son obeys God Father but that does not mean the son is less important than his father or inferior to him but this is the rule of Trinity. Harmony and respect for each other is earned by each person of Trinity in One God.

Fans and followers of his page were quick to respond, some in support and others in dissent.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
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