Campaign Continues to Educate Black Pastors, Black Community About the Impact of Abortion


A campaign continues to educate the black community about the impact of abortion.

Issues for Life has put figures together from 2013 from the Violence Policy Center that shows 6,217 homicides took the lives of black people during that year.

“We’re looking at 429,000 black abortions in America for that exact same year, and black abortions outnumber black homicides 69-1,” says Walter Hoye, who heads Issues for Life.

Breaking that down further there is a black abortion every 74 seconds so the impact on the community is obvious.

Part of the answer is education, which is why Issues for Life plans to make sure the research is in the hands of leaders in the black community, including pastors.

He calls the statistics “devastating” and the ongoing abortion rate a “holocaust” against the black community.

Charlie Butts