WATCH: Air Force Veteran Dragged Out of Ceremony for Using God’s Name


The Pentagon is reportedly investigating an incident involving an Air Force veteran who was dragged out of a military service for another military member who was retiring.

Retired Senior Master Sergeant, Oscar Rodriguez says he was forceably removed from the room by four officers during his Air Force speech after he mentioned God.

Mike Berry an attorney with First Liberty Institute told CBN News the forceable removal of Rodriguez should not have been not allowed, due to the retirement ceremony being considered a private event. The contents of the speech are under the discretion of the person who is retiring.

After serving for over 30 years in the Air Force, Rodriguez said he never imagined he’d be dragged out of a military service.

“This was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life,” Rodriguez told Fox News.

Retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin, former US Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, says it’s not clear why Rodriguez was removed for mentioning God’s name.

“We don’t know why the service members seemed ready to take Rodriguez out of the room. But whether they were ordered by someone, or did so on their own initiative, the fact that they removed him as they did seems to be an infringement on his personal religious liberties,” Boykin said.

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