Tim Tebow’s New Reality TV Show Promotes Biblical Principle of Giving


A new reality TV show on Fox starring former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is highlighting the Biblical principle that it is better to give than to receive.
“Home Free” debuted for its second season on June 16th, and unlike its first year, this season is encouraging competitors to win a home for a hero.

Each contestant races down Homefree Blvd, building homes from the foundation until the entire 11 lot neighborhood is filled with new houses for their heroes. The last contestants in the competition win a grand prize of dream home of their own.

Each contestant is there for a hero who has made a significant impact in their life, and now they want to give back to them.

“It’s a great principle and it’s something that I try to live as much as I can,” Tebow told The Christian Post. “I think that in trying to be able to show America that it is a blessing to give and you do get more by giving than you do by just trying to take take take.”

The series emphasizes the principle of serving and placing other’s needs above your own.

“”Having the mindset of just serving other people is important,” he continued. “Sometimes it doesn’t always makes sense because people are like, ‘Well, how am I just going to receive?’ Well, receiving comes in a lot of different ways, whether that’s receiving peace and fulfillment or purpose or calling, there’s so many different things. Or it’s just by receiving joy by making a difference in someone else’s life, but I think the Bible says that for a reason and I believe it.”

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