Oregon Teen Who Impaled His Eye With a Javelin is in ‘Fair Condition’


Following a horrifying accident at a USA Track and Field event in Oregon Friday, the parents of a teenager announced that he was in “fair condition.” Parker Kennedy, an 18-year-old decathlete, impaled his right eye on the back end of a javelin he had just thrown, after he tripped over his cleats.

Kennedy, who graduated this month from Oregon’s Hood River Valley High, appears to have miraculously escaped a worse injury, and he is said to even be able to see out of the wounded eye. A fire department spokesman (via the Associated Press) said that someone removed the javelin from Kennedy’s eye before emergency personnel arrived at the scene. He was flown by helicopter to a hospital at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, where he is recovering.

“He was warming up and had just thrown a javelin and was walking out to retrieve it,” Donnie Herneisen, Hood River Valley’s head track coach, told Buzzfeed News. “It was kind of sticking up at a 45-degree angle and he literally tripped and fell. His spikes caught in the grass and it was the wrong angle and the javelin pierced his eye.”

“As I understand it, from the folks who were there, it went at a downward angle towards his mouth, not towards his brain,” Herneisen added. That may have spared Kennedy neurological damage from the accident.

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SOURCE: The Washington Post, Des Bieler