Gospel Singer April Nevels, Now a Member of T.D. Jakes’ Quintet Grace, Opens Up About Previous Suicide Attempt Stemming From Divorce Backlash and How God Intervened

April Nevels
April Nevels

Gospel singer April Nevels, a member of Bishop T.D. Jakes’ female quintet, Grace, is opening up about a dark period in her life.

In 2007, the anointed singer, who is currently signed to the mega pastor’s Dexterity label, says she attempted to take her own life following a painful divorce.

According to Nevels, in April 2014, in Atlanta, she sang at Bishop T.D. Jakes’ “Woman Thou Art Loosed” conference for the first time as a part of The Potter’s House team.

As she belted “Victorious,” a song chosen for her by Minister of Music Myron Butler, Nevels, formerly of The Nevels Sisters, recalls, “The song meant so much to me because seven years prior I had attempted suicide and I took some pills, and my sister called me right in the middle of me taking the pills and said, ‘What are you doing?’”

Nevels replied, “Nothing, I’m just trying to go to sleep,” attempting to stop her concerned relative from knowing the truth.

But then, her sister responded, “Well, okay. Don’t do nothing stupid.”

At that moment, according to Nevels, she was sure it was a divine intervention.

“Now, I knew that was God. I didn’t want to hear it because I wanted my pain [to be over],” she says during the on-camera interview, flanked by the four other members of Grace: Candy West, DeeDee, Ruby Cavazos and Shana Saint.

“I had went through a terrible divorce. I just wanted it all to be over,” continues Nevels, who says she knew that was God’s way of telling her, “Put it down!”

Looking retrospectively, Nevels says God saw “my end from the beginning” and knew “where my steps were [headed].”

So where did her desire to take her life stem from?

In an August 2010 issue of AC 360 digital magazine, Nevels got transparent about the source of her depression and hopelessness.

“It wasn’t really the pain of the divorce that caused the depression, but it was the way I was treated for making the decision to get a divorce. That’s what caused the depression and suicide attempts,” she explained.

The single mother continued, “I never ever could have imagined that a decision to end my marriage would have caused the backlash I experienced. I was ridiculed, ostracized and told I didn’t have anything to sing for anymore because I didn’t allow God to fix my marriage,” she said.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine – Rebecca Johnson