American Red Cross Apologizes for ‘Super Racist’ Pool Safety Poster


Not cool, American Red Cross.

The humanitarian organization apologized and worked to remove a swim safety poster critics described as “super racist” — showing black children committing pool infractions as white children are shown acting appropriately.

The illustration, titled “Be cool, follow the rules,” features children playing in the pool, with arrows designating “cool” and “not cool” behavior.

The “not cool” actions include a black girl pushing another girl into the water, a black boy diving into the water, another boy gasping for air, children running near the lifeguard’s stand, and a man walking with a bottle.

Meanwhile, a white girl waiting to use the diving board is denoted as “cool,” as is a white father with a baby in the water.

The family of Margaret Sawyer was among the poster’s most vocal critics on social media, complaining after seeing the illustration at town pools in California and Colorado.

“Staff at both of these city pools had never noticed anything wrong with this poster,” she wrote on Facebook. “Horrifying that children across the country are absorbing this message.”

“Hey @RedCross, send a new pool poster … [because] the current one they have [with] your name on it is super racist,” John Sawyer added on Twitter.

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SOURCE: NY Daily News, Dan Good