Putin: Russia-China Interaction Important Factor of Global Stability

Vladimir Putin (Photo: EPA)
Vladimir Putin (Photo: EPA)

Cooperation of Moscow and Beijing in global affairs is an important element of global stability, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with China’s Xinhua news agency shortly before his visit to China on June 24-25.

“Today the very fact that China and Russia collaborate in international affairs contributes to the stability of world affairs,” Putin said. “Apart from our joint work in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, we cooperate within BRICS, which in fact was jointly established by us, and we actively collaborate at the UN.”

“Let me remind you of the statement made by the President of the People’s Republic of China at the 70th anniversary of the United Nations. Think back and recall it. That statement called for resolving all contentious issues only by peaceful means on the basis of international law,” he said.

“Furthermore, the president was among the few who declared that they were ready to help those in need and even specified those proposals. It is such approaches that unite us in international affairs, not merely the geographic proximity of our countries,” Putin said.

“I would take the liberty to recall that it was this country, the Soviet Union at that time, which made every effort to give the People’s Republic of China its deserved place among the permanent members of the Security Council. We have always believed that this is the place for the People’s Republic of China,” the Russian leader said.

“Today, we are particularly pleased that this has happened, since our views on international affairs, as diplomats say, are either very similar or coincide. At the same time, this similarity or coincidence is backed by concrete work, including efforts on the technical level,” he said.

“We are in constant contact and we consult on global and regional issues. Since we consider each other close allies, naturally, we always listen to our partners and take into account each other’s interests,” Putin said.

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