African-American Bookstore, Carol’s Books, Close to Reopening In Sacramento

Carol's Books owner Sharon Wright
Carol’s Books owner Sharon Wright

It’s been almost five years until the day when Carol’s Books bookstore in North Sacramento closed due to flooding of the popular African American business.

But through the struggles, constant persistence and never-ending hope, the bookstore’s operator Sharon Wright is near reopening the facility on Del Paso Boulevard.

There’s not a date set in stone, though seeing the inside of the building — when District 2 City Councilman Allen Wayne Warren watched the results of the local primary election with his constituents there — it doesn’t appear that it will be shuttered much longer.

The paint inside the facility is fresh, the bookshelves are brand new, and the counter is ready to hold a cash register. Most importantly, the decor is exactly the same as it was before the flood.

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