Tim Tebow’s New Home Improvement Show on FOX Focuses on Building Homes for People In Need


Former star quarterback of the National Football League, Tim Tebow, just launched his new home improvement show on Fox that focuses on building homes for people in need.

This season, the devout Christian sports icon is leaving the football field for the construction field to put his faith into action and help provide for the needy through his latest TV series program called Home Free, which debuted Thursday on the Fox television network.

The new show co-hosted by Tebow is a unique home building competition that features competitors working to build dream homes for their real-life heroes.

Included in this season’s competition is an ex-U.S. military soldier who is competing for the person who saved his life while serving in Afghanistan, according to a CBN. Another contestant on this year’s program is a young man who will be competing for a woman who donated a kidney to his father for a life-saving organ transplant.

Tebow says that there is one underlying message behind the challenge.

“It’s hope,” Tebow expressed when asked about his new TV show, Life News reports.  “It’s hope for the future.  It’s hope that tomorrow is going to be better than yesterday.”

The former Heisman Trophy winner for the Florida Gators is excited that his program invites families to bond in a unifying and encouraging atmosphere that spurs Americans to acts of kindness.

“It’s a place that kids can laugh and where families can come together,” Tebow continued. “A house is more than just doors and windows.”

Same spirit, different competition

The Christian athlete, who has also appeared in recent years as an SEC analyst, is eager to take his God-given competitive spirit from the gridiron onto the construction site — to champion the Christian ideals of love and sacrifice.

“What is really special for me is that they are competing for the right reasons,” Tebow shared. “They are doing it for someone who loved them — who sacrificed for them.”

The founder of the Tim Tebow Foundation explained how the sacrificial spirit displayed by contestants is an inspiration to all.

“They gave of their money, time, energy, or body for them,” Tebow continued. “These competitors have come here to put it all on the line for their hero. This show is all about honoring those heroes — honoring that sacrifice and love.”

Sacrificing one’s self for the good of others is a key theme of Home Free, as participants are fiercely competing to win a home for their real-life heroes who are in great need.

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SOURCE: OneNewsNow.com
Michael F. Haverluck