NY Mets Pitcher Steven Matz Explains How God and Faith Has Come Full Circle In His Baseball Journey


New York Mets’ pitcher Steven Matz is living his childhood dream. First, he’s playing Major League Baseball, secondly, his family has been Mets fans as long as he can remember.

“It’s really cool. You know, now that I’m kind of here and you’re kind of entrenched in what you’re doing so you’re—the fan side of it’s out. But for my family it’s huge. You know, just being a local guy, they get to read the papers, they read about me in the papers and that’s something that’s really cool for them, said Steven.”

Steven grew up in a Christian home and confessed his faith in Christ. He says making it into the majors is an answer to prayer.

“I remember when I was growing up I prayed for like 3 things every day. And it was, please let no bad guys come into my house, it was please let me date this girl—it was actually 4 things. Please let me become a major league baseball player and please let me get this dog I wanted. And everything came true.”

But as he got older, he was more interested in playing baseball than getting to know God.

“It wasn’t a relationship; it was more of like you know, it was something that I couldn’t get in contact with. It was okay, you be a good person or whatever it is and you’ll be fine, said Steven.”

Meanwhile, Steven was drafted in 2009 out of high school and put in the instructional league, the stage before the minors. But before he got the change to professional pitch in his first professional game, he tore a tendon in his arm during practice and underwent surgery. Steven was unable to pitch for 2 years. He began to question if he still had the ability to achieve his dream.

You know, with all those expectations and stuff, there’s just so much doubt that creeps into your head. You know, can I get healthy? Can—when I get healthy, can I get the guys out, you know, professional hitters out, said Steven?

Steven was at an all time low and didn’t know how to pull himself up. But an invitation he received changed his perspective.

“Someone invited me to a Bible study. And that Bible study I’d heard, really, the Gospel for the first time, just plain and simple, said Steven.”

With a new understanding of the gospel, Steven began building his relationship with the Lord. He says this was God’s plan all along.

“It took me 2 years to come back. That second year was the year I was able to do Bible study. So, you know, He used that time and, you know, He prepared my heart for that time to attend that Bible study and He showed me a great church to go to, that same Bible study teacher, so it was awesome, said Steven.”

With a new relationship with Christ, Steven’s goals had changed.

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Shawn Brown