Future Uncertain for Imprisoned Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi: Will Blood-Thirsty Islamists Have Final Say?


Seven years ago, Pakistan put a Christian mother in prison and later sentenced her to death for defending her faith. Only one other Christian has been incarcerated longer than Asia Bibi under the country’s blasphemy law.

What are the chances Asia will be freed and the law abolished?

Hope of Freedom

It’s been more than 2,500 days since Isham Bibi or her sister, Isha, has spent time shopping, or cooking a meal with their mother, Asia.

They still hope one day to return to a normal family life.

“I have strong faith and I believe that my mother will be out of jail soon,” Isham told us confidently.

CBN News first met the sisters and their father, Ashiq Masih, in 2011 as they played a popular Pakistani board game. As they attempted to carry on life, wife and mother Asia Bibi sat alone in a prison cell. Charged with blasphemy against the Muslim prophet Mohammed, she faced death by hanging.

Little did they realize that in 2016 they’d still be waiting for a family reunion.

Ashiq said that while these seven years have been difficult, he has faith that his wife will be released.

“I still believe she will be freed soon,” he told CBN News, adding that he “trusts a lot” in prayer — prayers and petitions like the one signed by nearly 700,000 people from around the world.

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Gary Lane