Bill Maher Calls Out Those Comparing Islamic Extremism to Christianity


Outspoken liberal and HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher rarely defends Christians, but now he is calling out those who are comparing Islam to Christianity
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former adviser to Colin Powell,  compared the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing to attacks from Islamic terrorists, on Bill’s Maher’s show on Friday.

“Sir, that is a false equivalency,” Maher responded.

“They (Muslims) are trying to obtain a nuclear weapon and I don’t think there are any Christian groups that are trying to obtain a nuclear weapon,” he continued.

“No one is saying that the only bad things happen in the Muslim world – you have to go where the preponderance of it is. And there is no doubt that it – that most of it happens in this sphere,” Maher said as the discussion continued.

Maher also took on Democratic presidential Hillary Clinton, who noted during her speech in Cleveland that “hate crimes have tripled after Paris, and San Bernardino,”

Clinton bashed any proposed temporary ban against Muslims entering the United States, saying it “hurts the vast majority of Muslims who love freedom and hate terror.”

Maher mocked her statement, saying it was misguided.

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