At Memorial Service, Christina Grimmie’s Father Says ‘God’s Plan Is Better Than My Plan’


In a heart-breaking memorial service, former The Voice contestant Christina Grimmie’s friends and families bid farewell to the young singer.  

But in such a time of pain, they knew their hope was in something much greater.

“This crowd has blessed me beyond words,” father Bud Grimmie told the crowd. “There is this gigantic hole in my heart that I know is never going to go away, but God showed me He is way bigger than that hole. I believe that. There are three things that keep me upright rather than being a crumpled mess in the corner. I know I am going to see her again.”

The Grimmies raised their daughter to praise Jesus from the beginning.

“I don’t have too much to say. I could tell you about the memories of when she was a baby and she lah-la-lahed and when she was getting a bath, I’d tell her to sing for Jesus,” Tina Grimmie said.

In Christina’s death, many fans remember her faith in Christ above all.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Jessilyn Justice