Oppressive Heat to Challenge All-time Records Across Southwestern U.S. This Weekend


An extreme heat wave will grip the southwestern United States this weekend and early next week.

A strong ridge of high pressure will take control and strengthen into next week, sending temperatures to dangerous levels.

“When a ridge of high pressure like this one forms in the middle to late June, it can deliver some of the hottest weather possible to the Desert Southwest,” AccuWeather Western U.S. Expert Ken Clark said.

Temperatures will run between 10 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit above average through the early part of next week.

“The peak of the heat in many areas will be on Monday, but Sunday and Tuesday will be no slouches either in the high heat department,” Clark said.

With multiple fires raging across the region, the heat could pose problems for firefighters.

“The heat and increasing dryness will continue to elevate the wildfire danger,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski said. “There will continue to be episodes of Sundowner winds (northerly downsloping winds) that threaten to further fan the Sherpa Fire and spread any new blazes in southwestern California,” Pydynowski said.

In central New Mexico, the Dog Head Fire prompted a declaration of a state of emergency from Gov. Susana Martinez. The fire has burned over 16,000 acres.

Not only will it be hot compared to average, but temperatures will likely challenge all-time record highs.

Palm Springs, California; Phoenix, Arizona; and Las Vegas, Nevada, are just some of the many cities which will approach their all-time record-high temperatures this weekend into early next week.

“This will push power to the limits to keep buildings cooled and any outdoor efforts should be severely limited if not avoided completely,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Matt Rinde said.

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SOURCE: Brett Rathbun