More Tragedy Hits Orlando: Two Sheriff’s Deputies Struck and ‘Severely Injured’ by Impatient Driver during Funeral Procession for Nightclub Victims


A weekend of funerals for many of those killed in last Sunday’s massacre at an Orlando gay nightclub resulted in more casualties Saturday when two sheriff’s deputies on motorcycles accompanying a procession to a burial site were struck and severely injured by an impatient driver.

The Osceola County deputies were taken to a nearby hospital and were in stable condition Saturday afternoon. The female driver, 44, was not initially hurt but also was taken to the hospital after being overcome with emotion, said Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman Kim Montes. The woman was ticketed for failing to yield to a funeral procession, which carries a mandatory court appearance.

The names of the officers,who are 40 and 50, and the victim whose funeral procession was interrupted were not immediately released. The crash occurred in nearby Kissimmee, Fla. One of the officers was struck “almost head-on,” Montes said. In a news release, the highway patrol reported that the woman told investigators she believed she had been waved through the procession.

“This was an impatient driver that attempted to get through the funeral procession,” Montes said. “Unfortunately, she severely injured two deputies who were just trying to do their job.”

The sheriff’s office posted on Facebook: “Right now, our focus is on the health of our two motor deputies who are being treated at a local hospital.”

Source: USA Today | Richard Wolf