Best Gifts for Father’s Day

Credit: / Kyle Looney
Credit: / Kyle Looney

Once you reach a certain age, colorful ties and #1 dad mugs just won’t cut it anymore. Sure, that was cute when you were five, but you’re older now—wiser. So what do you get for the man who raised you and taught you more life lessons than a Disney movie?

Gadgets, of course!

We’ve spent countless hours trying out this year’s best tech so we can help you find your pops the perfect present. Whether he’s an audiophile, sees the world through a camera lens, or just wants a place to keep his prized craft beers, dear old dad is covered.

So, consider the research done. All you need to do is buy it, wrap it, and gift it.

What we want: Gift picks from USA Today’s ‘Dad Rock’’s Mike Roorda sits down with Patrick Foster and Jim Lenahan from USA Today’s popular ‘Dad Rock’ podcast to find out what should be at the top of every dad’s list this year. Recommendations include a DIY synth kit and a stylish (and gravity-defying!) turntable. Plus, find out which of Jim’s prized possessions makes Patrick green with envy.

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Source: USA Today | Nick Schmiedicker