After Tough Semester, DePaul University President to Resign


In the wake of a tumultuous spring semester, the president of DePaul University, Dennis Holtschneider, announced his resignation Monday, effective at the end of the 2016-17 academic year.

His announcement comes a few weeks after protests broke out on campus when Milo Yiannopoulus, a young, button-pushing, conservative journalist, visited on May 24 for his “Dangerous Faggot Tour.” That morning, the school also discovered the phrases “Trump 2016” and “F**k Mexico” painted on the sidewalk in the quad, according to the university. A week later, there were reports of a noose found on campus.

Although some speculate that Holtschneider is resigning because of these incidents and students unhappy with his responses, Holtschneider told Depaul student newspaper The Depaulia that he had been considering resigning since the winter, when he began mulling over “the near-completion of (the university’s) strategic plan and master plan, as well as the success of the ‘many Dreams, one Mission’ capital campaign and growth of the university,” and felt it was the right time to let someone else “craft a vision. … If I waited a couple more years I would’ve slowed down all the activity,” he said.

Protests broke out about 20 minutes into the conference with Yiannopoulos, who made negative comments against women, feminism and people of color. Protestors grabbed the microphone out of Yiannopoulos’ hands and shouted, “Be good” and “Dump the Trump.” Yiannopoulos is known for discrediting the gender wage gap and stating that sexual orientation is a choice.

In a letter to the DePaul community, Holtschneider wrote that although he disagrees with many of Yiannopoulos’ viewpoints, the protestors were wrong to interrupt the conference: “I was ashamed for DePaul University when I saw a student rip the microphone from the hands of the conference moderator and wave it in the face of our speaker.”

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Source: USA Today | Jamie Altman, Chapman University