WATCH: COGIC First Lady Mae Blake Defends her Husband, Bishop Charles Blake, During Message About the Power of Prayer at 66th International Women’s Convention and Crusade


The Church of God in Christ (COGIC) 66th International Women’s Convention and Crusade descended on Detroit, Michigan last week and concluded on June 3, 2016. The four-day event was filled large hats, blinged-out dresses and men and women color-coordinated as specified on COGIC website for uniform colors. The convention was opened with a “Gospel Explosion” concert headlined by Dorinda Clark-Cole. Throughout the day and into evening, there were powerful sermons delivered by Mother Willie Mae Rivers, Lady Vanessa Wells-Macklin, Supervisor Dianne M. Bogan and the Presiding Bishop, Charles Blake. However the sermon that’s being applauded throughout COGIC circles, and has created a buzz on social media was delivered by the first lady of COGIC, Lady Mae Blake (wife of Bishop Blake).

Lady Blake’s presentation has been coined, “Prayer/It has Been Reported to Me” on the internet . Her presentation focused on the power and value of prayer, especially as it relates to a wife supporting her husband. She used many personal references to illustrate how, where and when she resorted to prayer to fight the “devil” when he attacked her husband and her family (as she characterized her experience).

Lady Blake’s frequent reference of “It Has Been Reported” was obviously referring to a term that disgruntled COGIC preacher, Earl Carter has frequently used online prior to making defamatory statements about Bishop Charles Blake and other clergy within the COGIC denomination. Although, Lady Blake never called Carter by name, she was not subtle when she described how the “devil” attacked her family with “vicious lies”. She honestly conveyed that Carter’s attacks were hurtful and forced her to resort to prayer for strength and guidance.

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SOURCE: COGIC Report – Alex Love