Everything Bethesda Unveiled at E3 2016


“Yes, Quake is back.”

With these words, Bethesda kicked off its E3 2016 showcase with a trailer for a new Quake game, Quake Champions.

Quake Champions: A competitive arena-style PC shooter. As part of the announcement Bethesda said it will be expanding the global e-sport support for Quake beyond its own Quakecon, and will announce more in August. The game aims to run with unlocked framerates so you can throw as much hardware at it as you want to, but to also be fun for people who aren’t the hardest of the cores when it comes to shooters.

Elder Scrolls Legends: The new Elder Scrolls Legends strategy card game was also given a closer look. The free-to-play game will have single player and multiplayer modes and it will be available across PC, and Android and iOS devices later this year.

Fallout 4: In the world of Fallout a few upcoming feature additions were previewed, like sorting machines, contraption systems and even running your own Vault. Plus a look at a Nuka-World theme park expansion coming in August.

Also new features heading to the tablet game Fallout Shelter.

Skyrim Special Edition: Bethesda also showed off some of the graphics you can expect from the upcoming Skyrim Special Edition for PS4 and Xbox One. The new look is incredibly impressive with all new water and lighting models, plus more, to take advantage of the power of the latest consoles.

Prey: A new Prey title was also announced by Arkane Studios, the trailer suggesting something akin to a space horror version of “Groundhog Day”.

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SOURCE: Cnet, Seamus Byrne