WATCH: Stephen Curry and Brother Seth Curry Are the Result of a Godly, Traditional Wife and Mother, Sonya Curry

A mom and her son. (USATSI)
A mom and her son. (USATSI)

Family has always been important for Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry. He brought his daughter Riley up to his postgame interviews last season and recently appeared in an issue of Parents magazine with his wife to talk about their family life. Curry’s family values come from his parents, Dell and Sonya Curry.

ESPN sat down with Sonya to talk about raising Stephen and the rest of the Curry family.

Some of the highlights:

  • Sonya says Steph’s tenacity and desire to work hard comes from her.
  • The college recuriting process for Steph was “nervewracking” for Sonya especially since he had a horrible game in a big tournament.
  • Steph winning the MVP last year is still unbelievable for Sonya.
  • Like any parent, she was worried when Steph got hurt in the first round against the Rockets.

A nice, little look at the relationship between Curry and his mom.

Source: ESPN / CBS Sports