Oregon Baptist Church Marquee Reads ‘Allah Is Not Our God’


Signs displayed by a Baptist church in Oregon are making a bold, unapologetic statement that “Allah is not our God,” contesting the often-head politically correct mantra proclaimed by Leftists and some liberal theologians that “we all worship the same God.”

Belmont Drive Missionary Baptist Church of Hood River, Oregon, has received media attention across the country over the marquee outside its main sanctuary and other messages displayed on church property.

Before the statement “Allah is not our God,” the marquee in front of the church sends the message, “Wake up Christians.”

Then, believers are reminded that there is no comparison between the Prophet and Savior of the Bible and the prophet revered by Muslims.

“Muhammad is not greater than Jesus,” reads another sign, referring to the Islamic prophet from Muslim’s holy book, the Quran.

Signs at the small Baptist church also made a comparison between the holy book of Christianity and the scriptures regarded as sacred by those practicing the Islamic faith.

“The Quran is just an ordinary book,” while “the Bible is God’s Word,” another sign posted outside the church declares.

A variation of the message about the writings of the world’s largest two religions can be found on the other side of the message board that stands prominently outside the Oregon church.

“Only the Bible is God’s Word,” the church’s sign informs passersby. “The Koran is just another book.”

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SOURCE: OneNewsNow.com
Michael F. Haverluck