Christian Taylor Demonstrators Disrupt Concert in Arlington, TX, Over Non-Prosecution of Police Officer


Demonstrators, including two armed with rifles, briefly disrupted a concert at Levitt Pavilion in Arlington Friday night — with one of them being arrested.

Protesters are angry that a Tarrant County grand jury voted not to indict former police officer Brad Miller for shooting to death black teenager Christian Taylor during a bizarre car dealership break in.

Taylor was high on drugs, but unarmed when Miller responded.

The officer was fired for not following department procedures.

About 3,000 people were listening to the Nashville band Humming House when chanting demonstrators locked arms in front of the stage across from Arlington City Hall.

More than a dozen police officers monitored the tense situation, but band members diffused the situation by thanking them for standing up for Christian Taylor.

Police say one person was arrested for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct after they displayed a “weapon in a manner calculated to cause alarm.” Police took a loaded AK-47 from the arrestee.

Several protesters showed up at the Arlington jail and said they wouldn’t leave until their comrade was released.

SOURCE: Jim Douglas