When Richard Branson Is Your Boss and He Catches You Sleeping on the Job

© Provided by Mirror
© Provided by Mirror

This is the moment Virgin boss Richard Branson photobombed an exhausted employee he caught napping at work. 

The unnamed Virgin Australia worker will probably be grateful this morning that his boss is so forgiving.

The young man had unclipped his neck tie and chose to catch 40 winks and put his legs up on a plush red sofa just as his boss decided to do the rounds.

His uniform gives away the fact he is a member of Virgin Australia cabin crew.

He was taking the chance to rest up on standby before a tiring working flight ahead of him.

Nearby air hostesses seem amused by the unexpected intrusion by the Virgin founder who tried but failed to rouse him.

They probably couldn’t wait to share the picture with the steward when he woke up.

Afterwards Branson quipped on the company’s blog: “I popped into the office and the airport to say hello and check in to see what the team are up to.

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Source: Mirror | Stephen Jones