6 Dead After 2 Small Plane Crashes in Houston and North Dakota


3 people are dead in Houston and another three have died in Wishek, North Dakota after two small plane crashes on Thursday.

According to ABC 13 in Houston, the plane crashed near William P. Hobby airport around 1 p.m. local time, landing on top of a car parked at a hardware store. The car was empty at the time of the accident, but the three passengers on the plane died on impact.

The victims were reportedly identified as married couple Tony and Dana Gray, and Tony’s brother Jerry.

The family’s plane was attempting to land at Hobby Airport, but was too high on a first and second attempt, the network reports. Instructed by an air traffic controller to try again, the plane went for a third landing, but reportedly nose-dived to the ground.

Troubles also appeared at least 15 minutes before the failed landing, as Fox News reports that the altitude of the plane showed extreme fluctuations with it going from 1,800 feet at one point, down to 200 feet and back to 1,200 before the fatal incident.

Audio obtained by ABC 13 revealed an air traffic control yelling for the pilot to pull up just moments before the crash.

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