Pastor Shirley Caesar on Her Health Rituals: “I Have More Energy Left In Me Than Some 25-Year-Olds”


Pastor Shirley Caesar is certain that the Lord isn’t through with her yet.

Celebrating 50 years as a solo gospel artist, Caesar [recently] released Fill This House, the latest full-length record in her 40-plus album catalogue. Featuring the jazzy, Anthony Hamilton-assisted first single, “It’s Alright, It’s OK,” Fill This House’s 11 tracks are packed with healing ministry and a winning attitude – mostly because she’s nowhere near ready to retire.

“If anybody tries to tell me that it’s over for me [or] ‘I don’t think she can make a comeback,’ honey, I strive,” says the 77-year-old North Carolina native during a phone interview. “I strive to make them out a lie. I strive to be my best self. I know that I have more energy left in me than some 25-year-olds.”

The First Lady of Gospel owes her longevity to her mother who cautioned her years ago about protecting her voice. As a singer, Caesar explains, she is susceptible to sinus drainage and colds. So it’s important that she rests her body and her vocal chords while also drinking a lot of warm fluids.

“It’s just like a guitar, bass guitar, lead guitar, a pianist… at the end of a concert, you put that instrument back in a box and you protect it,” Caesar says. “Singers have to do the same thing. You have to protect your voice.”

She drinks a lot of hot tea and warm water to relax her vocal chords before and after recording sessions, concerts and ministering. Another important routine, she says, is…drying her hair after a performance.

“As soon as I get back to the hotel, first thing I do is I start drying my hair,” Caesar says, “because I believe that two of the main ways of catching a cold is through the mold of your head and under the bottom of your feet.”

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SOURCE: – Tiffany Walden