Is the New “NIV Lifehacks Bible” the Perfect Solution for Busy Christians?


Christians are busier and more distracted than ever.

To help them incorporate vital spiritual habits into their technology-centric lives, Zondervan is introducing the “NIV Lifehacks Bible” in June 2016.

Featuring 365 practical articles covering 30 life-changing habits, the “NIV Lifehacks Bible” makes spiritual growth attainable and features a foreword by author and theologian Kevin DeYoung, the full text of the NIV, a topical index, and color maps.

Joe Carter is the general editor of the “NIV Lifehacks Bible.” He is also an editor for The Gospel Coalition, a senior editor at the Acton Institute, a communications specialist for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, and an adjunct professor of journalism at Patrick Henry College.

“There are many articles, books, and blog posts that help us understand what God wants us to do, but where do we learn how to make the changes that help us live for the glory of God?” said Carter. “For centuries, the primary answer to this question has been to practice spiritual disciplines, but how can we add these into our lives, when we are already too busy? I’m excited for readers to develop gospel-centered lives through the combination of traditional, Biblically based spiritual disciplines with contemporary ‘life hacking’ methods and techniques.”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
Trinity McFadden