Christian Convert Who Was Reported ‘Near Death’ In Iranian Prison Has Been Temporarily Released

Nasim Naghash Zargaran
Nasim Naghash Zargaran

Christian convert Nasim Naghash Zargaran has been temporarily released from an Iranian prison after posting bail.

According to formerly imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini, “She got time from prison, but there is still a high possibility they will have to take her back after a week or so. I think they allowed this to shut down the news.”

“She went to the hospital to get treatment after her temporary release and they recognized her and wouldn’t treat her. Her sister-in-law is a doctor and she is now in her house to help her start eating,” Abedini wrote on his Facebook page.

Zargaran, 36, was arrested in January 2013 for her involvement in an Iranian church planting ministry and her connection to Abedini. She is serving a four-year prison sentence for “threatening national security” by church planting, the same charge Abedini was sentenced to eight years for.

Zargaran was one of the first people who converted to Christianity after meeting Abedini and was one of Abedini’s main church leaders.

On Friday, Zargaran began a hunger strike to protest the denial of much needed medical treatment. Abedini told the Baptist Press Zargaran suffers from diabetes, severe pain, and a heart condition known as atrial septal defect. She began her strike after a prosecutor repeatedly denied permission to transport her to a nearby hospital for treatment.

“She’s just one step from death, and her punishment is just because of assisting me,” Abedini told Baptist Press.

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Abigail Robertson