Thaddeus Matthews Planning to Expose Riverside Missionary Baptist Church (Memphis) Pastor Robert S. Harvey After Harvey’s Wife Reportedly Tells Church Members he Is a Homosexual and Refuses to Step Down

Robert and Cierra Harvey
Robert and Cierra Harvey


On Friday night’s Thaddeus Matthews Show, I will expose a pastor who was asked last night to resign by the church because his wife has exposed him to the church. I’m told by a church official that the pastor’s wife called a meeting of women two weeks ago and revealed to them that her husband was gay and that one of his lovers was a well known singer who was the minister of music until the first of May when the church got word that he was fired from SCS for messing with children. This minister of music has went on to start his own church. The church official also states that another man that the pastor is involved with is a pastor that has the same first name as the minister of music.
Church officials held a church meeting on last night and asked the pastor to resign but he refused. Some of the members are upset that the pastor put up a curtain over the baptismal pool with blinking lights. I’m also told that the pastor supports homosexuality in the church. Members who voted for the pastor are now saying they wish they could take their votes back.
I’m still in Orlando flying back tomorrow. I hope my flight’s not late because I’m returning not to play the blues but to give this pastor the blues. You don’t want to miss The Thaddeus Matthews Show from 7-9 on Comcast 31 or svptvnet.
Here’s some other info on the pastor:
……………….is currently a master’s student at Harvard Divinity School, where he addresses the intersection of religion, education, democracy, and civil rights. ………….is also a Baptist minister and has published a number of essays, articles, and social commentaries; he is currently completing a book entitled, ‘Unconditional Love, Unconditional Inclusion: The Role of Christian Churches in the Social Development of Gays and Lesbians.’

SOURCE: Thaddeus Matthews Facebook