Pat Smith Tells Why She Wrote ‘Second Chances’

Pat Smith
Pat Smith

First-time author Pat Smith is feeling good these days. Her new book, “Second Chances,” is taking off, her husband, football Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith, and their five children are doing well and most important, her relationship with Christ grows stronger each day. 

Her upbeat attitude is a stark contrast to the depression and sense of loss she to used to feel. Fortunately, she said, God’s grace covered her and His direction led her to write about rediscovering purpose and joy in life.

“I wrote “Second Chances” to give hope to people, to tell them don’t give up,” said Smith. “Sometimes, we lose hope when we get to such a desperate, dark place and think, ‘My life would be better if I was gone.’ That is a lie. God wants us to live.

“In my book, I really share some of the things that helped me push forward during moments of despair and darkness. I’m so glad I did because God is really with us through all of the setbacks and pain.”

A number of events pushed Smith into a state of depression. She believes the dark thoughts started with her mother’s death from breast cancer when Smith was 22-years-old.

At the time, she was competing to become the first African American Miss Virginia, a contest she won, but also increased feelings of anxiety and pressure as she sought the 1994 Miss USA title.

“I looked at that (pageant) as an avenue to pursue my bigger dreams in television,” recalled Smith. When she received first runner up, she said, “I felt like a loser.”

Next, she moved to Los Angeles, began dating comedian/actor Martin Lawrence and they married within a year. A daughter was soon born, however the union didn’t last and Smith counted it as another loss in her life.

Her job disappointments grew as she continuously auditioned, yet didn’t get the job. In 2000, Smith married Emmitt and focused on supporting him in his career.

“When [his career] was over, I thought, ‘Finally, I can get back to pursuing the passion and dreams that are inside of me. That’s when Emmitt told me he was doing “Dancing With The Stars.”

“I just really felt, ‘God, what happened to my dreams? What happened to all of these things I thought were inside of me?’ I could just feel rejection and bitterness starting to accumulate. I thought, ‘It’s all over.’ I felt very bad and depressed about it,” recalled Smith.

In the midst of her pain, God used His messenger to speak to Smith. During a visit to The Potter’s House in Dallas, God’s instruction came through loud and clear.

“I remember Bishop (T.D.) Jakes saying, ‘Whatever it is God has called you to do, you can do it,’ and that just resonated in my spirit. It felt like God was speaking directly to me,” she insisted.

At that moment, Smith realized God had been with her all of her life, directing her towards His purpose for her, but she refused to acknowledge His instructions.

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Source: LA Sentinel