Lifting the Veil Ministries Holds First Baptism

Pastor Smith baptizes one of nine new members. (photo by Troy Tieuel)
Pastor Smith baptizes one of nine new members. (photo by Troy Tieuel)

Nine members experienced the ritual of full immersion at the first baptismal service of Lifting the Veil Ministries. The spirit-filled worship, led by Pastor Byron Smith, was held at Greater Faith Missionary Baptist Church on May 22. 

The service fulfilled his vision from God that new believers understand the importance of baptism in their conversion to Christianity. To further aid the members, Pastor Smith preached a powerful sermon, based on Acts 9:1-18, entitled, “When God Decides to Move, What Others Think and Say Will Not Matter!”

The baptismal was actually a culmination of a three-week process to prepare the candidate for their new life in Christ, explained Pastor Smith.

“The vision from God was that the members took this moment of accepting Christ as Lord and Savior and being baptized seriously, not another act in the church setting where after the religious ritual and the emotional excitement is over, the candidates move back into the ‘business as usual’ mind set and life-style,” he said.

“During the prep class, they were taught about the theological purpose and meaning of the Baptism experience means according to the teachings of Christ. Candidates learned that the amount of water does not matter, if the Holy Spirit has not changed the heart for a greater purpose than their own,” Pastor Smith said.

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Source: LA Sentinel