All Wars Will End One Day and the World Will Achieve Peace, Billy Graham Says

Billy Graham
Billy Graham

One day, all wars will end and the world will achieve great peace, the Rev. Billy Graham says.

In response to a question submitted to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the evangelical leader explains when Jesus Christ returns for the Second Coming, all destruction, war and death will cease to exist and His followers will be rewarded with eternal peace.

The questioner asked: Do you think the world will ever be at peace, and we won’t need armies or weapons ever again? I get very depressed reading about all the wars that still go on, and I wonder if they’ll ever end.

Graham answers by emphasizing that “Conflicts and wars have raged almost since the beginning, when Cain killed his brother Abel (see Genesis 4). Even in our own time, terrorism and open warfare threaten many parts of the world.”

Citing Matthew 24:6-7, Graham says conflicts and wars will be ongoing until Jesus’ return.

“You will hear of wars and rumors of wars. … Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom,” the verses read.

Graham adds that “The problem isn’t just economic inequality, or racial conflict, or social injustice — although these are certainly serious issues. The problem is deeper than these, however — because the basic problem is within our own hearts and minds.

“Would wars happen if we weren’t greedy, or power-hungry, or filled with envy and hate? This is why we need Christ, because only He can change our hearts and fill us with true peace and love. Have you opened your life to His transforming power?”

But there is hope for Christians, Graham says, because “some day all wars will cease — when Christ comes again!”

“He alone gives us hope for lasting peace — in our hearts, and in our world,” the evangelical leader concludes.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Katherine Weber