Minecraft Has Sold 100 Million Copies


We get it—Minecraft is popular: 100 million games sold popular.

Specifically, game maker Mojang has sold more than 106,859,714 copies of its game to date, as of June 2, or approximately 53,000 copies sold per day.

“We’d like to offer our heartfelt thanks to every one of you who’s bought Minecraft over the past few years, no matter which platform you play on,” Mojang Creative Communications Director Owen Hill wrote in a blog entry. “We’re constantly in awe of our community and the amazing things you achieve together. You really are the best.”

Mojang created an infographic to mark the occasion (below), in which it revealed that people from every country and territory have tried out Minecraft, including four sold to crafters in Antarctica.

Inspired by roguelike role-playing titles, Minecraft was created by Markus “Notch” Persson and released to the public as a developmental version in May 2009. More than two years later, it shed its beta skin and launched a full PC version in November 2011.

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SOURCE: PC Mag, Stephanie Mlot