Mississippi Stillborn Baby Girl’s Remains Missing from Graveyard

Amanda Reed

“It feels like a dream. You know how you just wake up to a nightmare, and you never come out of it? That’s how I felt when I woke up,” Amanda Reed said. 

Reed is finding it hard to come to grips with reality.

“That’s not fair to me or the child. It’s sad,” Reed told WREG.

Her stillborn baby’s remains are missing.

“There goes the stick to it right there,” Reed said. “That’s the stick to it.”

Nine years ago, she gave her daughter the name Heaven Sent Reed before she was buried at the Sutton Cove Graveyard.

“We come and put flowers, keep it clean,” Reed explained.

On Tuesday, instead of a grave, all that was left was a ditch.

“They violate the cemetery — they violating me and the loved ones out there. They violating everyone,” Christopher Thompson, owner of the property, said.

Neighbors spotted Tunica County workers at the cemetery last week working to address flooding concerns.

“The county came and dug the ditch out so the water wouldn’t be in our yards,” Dorothy Wilson said.

However, Thompson, who owns the Grant Funeral Home, said the county literally crossed the line.

“I didn’t authorize no one to dig up there,” Thompson told WREG.

A diagram shows where Heaven Sent was buried, but it was not clear if work crews knew she was there.

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