New York City Adds 29 New Gender Terms to $250K Fine List


Further promoting “LGBT rights,” the New York City Human Rights Commission released its list of 31 different “gender identity” terms — 29 of them connoting various forms of deviancy — that employers, customers and landlords in the Big Apple must use to avoid $250,000 fines.

The LGBT-friendly list comes in the wake of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s support of transgender bathroom laws and his push for New Yorkers to boycott Chick-fil-A for its pro-family stance on same-sex “marriage” earlier this month.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins connected the Big Apple’s gender-term fine list to President Barack Obama’s recent LGBT-friendly edict forcing public school systems to de-gender their restrooms and locker rooms to accommodate “transgenders.”

“This is political correctness run wild,” Perkins told LifeSiteNews. “Where does the president’s bathroom edict go?

In December, the NYC Human Rights Commission made its initial announcement that it would expand its “anti-discriminatory protections” to include the compelled use of gender variations. The HRC followed up its declaration earlier this month by issuing a detailed account of how employers, customers and landlords could face fines of up to $250,000 for failing to use its terms from its list to designate gender-confused people in America’s largest city.

Perkins warned that New York City’s new LGBT-friendly policies hurt businesses as much as they hurt families.

“At some point, businesses will have to push back because this will become very costly,” the pro-family advocate pointed out. “In terms of hiring and public accommodation, gender is defined solely by the individual — not by biology or medical and legal documents.”

He went on to explain that besides businesses, faith-based organizations and institutions should be very concerned over such measures.

“Imagine subjecting a church pre-school or religious charity to these rules,” Perkins continued. “A finding of noncompliance could financially destroy them.”

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Michael F. Haverluck