Group of College Students Rescued From Kentucky Cave After Severe Flash Floods


A group of college students had to be rescued Thursday from a Kentucky cave after heavy rains in the area caused severe flash flooding.

The Hart County Emergency Management told Fox affiliate WDRB-TV 19 people were stuck inside the Hidden River Cave located in Horse Cave, Ky., which is part of the American Cave Museum.

The 19 people who escaped more than six hours after entering Hidden River Cave included students from Clemson University, four tour guides and two police officers who became trapped when they tried to rescue the group, Kentucky State Police Trooper B.J. Eaton said in a press release.

There was no communication between the stranded cavers and the more than 150 emergency personnel at the scene.

Authorities said they didn’t know exactly where the missing cavers were underground, and the only light the group had came from headlamps they wore.

The cavers became stranded in a portion of the cave known as “The Attic,” which has a higher ceiling, Eaton said.

The group stayed there until deciding to find their way out as the water continued to rise, according to Eaton.

“When they came out of the cave, they were neck-deep in water,” Hart County Emergency Management Director Kerry McDaniel told the Associated Press.

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SOURCE: Fox News, The Associated Press