North Carolina’s New Hanover County School System Is Banning Skinny Jeans and Tight Clothing

Skinny jeans  ISTOCK
Skinny jeans

North Carolina’s New Hanover County School system wants to ban students from wearing skinny jeans, or any type of tight-fitting clothing, in a newly proposed dress policy. But students don’t want to let go of their skinny attire. 

In addition to skinny jeans, wearing leggings and tight-fitting pants would also be considered a violation of the schools’ dress code (pdf) unless they were covered by a top or dress, which also would have to cover the student’s butt, according to the proposal. If the code were violated, students would be forced to change their clothing, and further violations could result in students being suspended.

Many students took to Twitter to express their outrage over the potential changes to the dress code, and no one was happy about it.

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Source: The Root | YESHA CALLAHAN