Twitter Gets It Twisted Over Sonya Curry’s Celebration Dancing Over Son Steph Curry’s 3-Pointer With Man Who is Not her Husband


Sonya Curry went nuts celebrating a three-pointer made by Stephen Curry late in the Warriors’ Game 5 win over the Trail Blazers on Wednesday night, as she tends to do. The only thing is her appearance on TV caused many to have a question.

Where the heck was Dell as she was getting touchy-feely with another guy?

The questions were valid as Dell appeared to be nowhere in sight and that random dude was getting too handsy. And her grinding on some other dude led many to wonder where Dell was.

Not to worry — it turns out that Dell was in the corner of the suite.

TNT even showed a shot of Dell in the suite a minute later, just to make sure everyone knew he was there too.

Sydel Curry, Steph’s sister, even addressed it on Twitter:

So don’t you worry — Sonya isn’t cheating on Dell. And if she is, she’s doing it right in front of his eyes.

SOURCE: Larry Brown Sports