Former Vice President Dan Quayle Backs Donald Trump for President


Former Vice President Dan Quayle is backing fellow Republican Donald Trump for president and believes that Trump could beat Hillary Clinton in November and put Republicans back in the White House.

“I’m going to support the nominee,” Quayle said in an interview on the “Today Show” this morning. “And I predict that most people in my position or people that have been in the Republican Party for a long time will rally around the nominee.”

Quayle, 69, also said he “fully expects” that House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is meeting with Trump today, will support Trump.

“I hope that happens, because we do have to be unified,” Quayle said. “If we’re not unified, then we have a real lot of trouble at stake.”

The former vice president to George H. W. Bush said he believed Trump could win the White House. Bush 41 has no plans to endorse Trump, the first time in the past five elections that he has not endorsed the GOP nominee.

“Clearly, he’s got good political instincts, he has a good business background, he’s a winner and he’s unusual,” Quayle said of Trump. “He’s obviously very different. He’s not going to play by the rules … but I think that he can win.”

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SOURCE: ABC News, Veronica Stracqualursi