Evelyn Lozada Reveals Tragic Miscarriages In Attempt to Have Another Child

Evelyn Lozada

Before 2013, Evelyn Lozada’s life was full of chaos as she dealt with a menacing reputation thanks to her “Basketball Wives” role and the fall of her abusive marriage with her ex-husband, Chad Johnson. But after years of turmoil, Lozada found her slice of happiness in life as she met and got engaged to Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Carl Crawford and eventually gave birth to a baby boy. Although the couple hoped to expand their family, their attempts to have another child resulted in tragedy with a miscarriage. Now, Lozada recently revealed that her and Crawford’s continued efforts to have another child have resulted in another nightmarish miscarriage.

According to media reports, Lozada made the terrible revelation in a new interview where she explained that she’d become pregnant again last year, but ended up suffering a tragic miscarriage during the holiday season.

“I miscarried on Thanksgiving Day,” said Lozada. “I was like, ‘This cannot be happening to my life again.’”

Lozada further explained that the miscarriage happened while she, Crawford and their two-year-old son, Leo, were spending time wtih Crawford’s family.

“I was literally miscarrying my baby,” Lozada said, before adding that she didn’t tell anyone what was happening because she “didn’t want to dampen the mood.”

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SOURCE: Rolling Out