Beyonce Tampa Concert Protested by Pro-Police Activists

© Getty Images North America
© Getty Images North America

Pro-police activists made their presence known at a Beyonce concert on Friday with a special message. 

A plane towing a Blue Lives Matter banner was seen circling the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, where Beyonce performed as part of her Formation tour.

Blue Lives Matter is an organization set up to support law enforcement officers and their families in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

A local photographer was able to snap a shot of the plane (see below), but no other protests or incidents were reported at the concert. Police unions across the country took issue with Queen Bey after her halftime performance at the Super Bowl on Feb. 7.



Beyonce’s Black Panthers-inspired performance of her new song “Formation” at Super Bowl 50 sent shock waves through popular culture, with some praising her for a bold political statement and others questioning if her black-bereted dancers were too polarizing.

Protesters had planned to voice their displeasure with Beyonce’s halftime performance at an event outside NFL headquarters in Manhattan on Feb. 16, but no one bothered to show up.

Chances are Beyonce wasn’t too worried about the plane, considering she played to a sold-out crowd in the 65,000-seat arena. She also just dropped her new album, “Lemonade,” last Saturday following an HBO special.

Source: TheWrap | Joe Otterson